Tidewater Cottages

Built to suit life on the water

Perfect for first-light or late night. A compound of luminous sailors cottages pay homage to Nantucket's nautical heritage while inviting gatherings and respite amidst the quiet bustle of Town's inner harbor.

Flanked by beaches, boats, and harbor views

Nothing brings instant relaxation like the gentle sway of a wooden hull against the swells. With Brant Point Light's iconic lantern beckoning new arrivals as they bend around the island's elbow. Nestled within Town's historic district lie a cluster of four, fully-furnished beachside bungalows custom-fit for those who can't go a week without hoisting a sail.
The pied-a-terre with a porthole view
The perfect place for dropping bags off and ducking into Town also offers a harbor view of the iconic sails for which Nantucket is known. A short walk from the ferry, Franklin Beach, or a night at CRU, summering sailors will also find this an ideal spot for sailboat race soirees or nightcaps at Nantucket Yacht Club.

Stay active — no matter the season
Enjoy an east-meets-west experience on island by way of Sea Nantucket Paddle Sports across the street and Clay Twombly yoga studio just down the road. For those with more traditional, but equally as invigorating fitness routines, tennis at Great Harbor Yacht Club or bike rentals in town are perfect for keeping your heart rate, and outlook, up.

Where "see or be seen" was created
This is where some of America's finest food traditions began, with the sea and land offering generations of chefs and farmers an ideal blend of natural abundance. Whether it's a visit to American Seasons or Brotherhood of Thieves for an evening with the family or joining fellow islanders around the piano at The Club Car for Triple888 blueberry martinis, life by the harbor means you're never far away from world-class dining.

Inspiring a sense of seafaring adventure

Feel as though you’re on the dock even when you’re at home. Weathered oak flooring and soothing blue hues welcome homeowners into a maritime-inspired design complete with fixtures and finishes that create the ambiance of a schooner's interiors. Navigational detailing, brass and bolt porthole doors, and smoked glass lanterns finished with amber netting are all paired with the right amount of driftwood, shiplap and cozy seating to make one feel like they never left the boat or their board.

Four seaworthy vessels for relaxed beachside living

Escaping the mainland should come with a complete change in perspective. Push open porthole doors to find welcoming captains quarters that deliver an experience of being on ocean while you're on island. Spaces so relaxing and inviting, you might just hear waves lapping while you nod off.

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